10 State of the art Developed 2 Letter .UK Domains

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Logos for five two character .UK domains

So what’s been created on 2 characters .UK domains? While Affiliate Specialist earlier covered what been created on 1 character .UK domains, it’s now time to review what’s been created on the 2 character .UK domain names.

Over 70 % of 2 letter .CO.UK domains are still not developed after 1 year. One possible reason is that it takes quite some time
to decide what to create on those premium short domains. Another reasons is that many names have been bought by domain name investors for
either future use or to resell.

10 best developed 2 letter .UK domains

Out of all short domains, here are probably the best looking and most useful 2 character .UK websites.

1. bt.co.uk
British Telecom has been around for over 10 years and it’s not really new.
bt website screenshot

2. et.co.uk
Enviro Technology Services PLC provides air quality monitoring and air pollution solutions.
Enviro technology (ET) screenshot
3. fs.co.uk
Fletchers Solicitors are specialised in the field of injury claims, often related to no win no fee accident claims.
fs website screenshot

4. ct.co.uk
Central Technology Ltd offering flexible IT support, maintenance and expert IT advice to small, medium and large sized businesses
in England.
ct website screenshot

5. tp.co.uk
Turner Parkinson LLP is a Manchester based law firm, dealing with corporate, insolvency and
dispute resolution to name a few of their core areas.
tp website screenshot
6. aw.co.uk
AW is a family of complementary British companies leading in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of load cells, weighing systems and traffic monitoring systems.

7. ef.co.uk
One of the largest language education companies in the world, founded in 1965 by Swedish
entreprenur Bertil Hult. They have managed to create a good looking and user friendly website as well.
ef website screenshot
8. gb.co.uk
Offers identity management solutions and external ID validation check. Professional website.
gb website screenshot
9. pt.co.uk
PT.co.uk allows people to locate a PT (personal trainer) in their local area to help them achieve their fitness goals.
pt screenshot
10. NY.co.uk
In case you have missed Affiliate Specialist’s favourite 2 character .UK domain, below are screenshots of NY.co.uk, a complete guide to everything related to New York.
ny website screenshot
ny.co.uk shopping section

The site covers information about all NY neighbourhoods, while giving shopping & entertainment tips along with travel information (eg. book NY hotels and flights).

Many redirects on 2 character domains

Many major newspapers and businesses still redirect their 2 character .UK domain to their main website. Some examples include Ba.co.uk (ba.com), db.co.uk (db.com), ft.co.uk (ft.com), ge.co.uk (ge.com) and mb.co.uk (mercedes-benz.co.uk). Perhaps it’s because .com is more memorable and quicker to type. Hopefully, Nominet will launch .UK in 2013 or 2014 that might lead to more usage of the British extensions among major corporations.

2 character domains for sale

Some decent 2 letter .UK domains are up for sale, such as Pr.co.uk and Dj.co.uk. I own Pr.me.uk myself, a site where you check PageRank. Anyweb and XYZ invest seems to be the biggest investors in 2 letter domains, while Psychic Media also holds quite a few.


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    Nice domains you found. I didn’t know so many 2 characters were developed.

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