A new gTLD for Wales, or NOT?

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Wales flag

Wales want their OWN top level domain (TLD). I can really understand the thought behind it. .UK does not really show their national identity and it might be useful in some cases to show which part of Great Britain you represent. It would for instance certainly help when searching in Google after local restaurants to see a domain extension that represents the region.

Wales, long and annoying?

The Welsh Government have appointed Nominet to bid for a new top level domain to represent Wales. It seems they cannot make up their mind if .cymru OR .wales would be best for Welsh individuals and businesses.

Either way, both of the suggested extensions are 5 extensions and I believe the .WALES one would make most sense to people outside Wales.

However, I find long domain extensions seriously annoying. That take a long time to type and it looks very unprofessional. I want my domain names to look SEXY, not UGLY.

I have no good reason to go with a Welch domain name and will probably never register one – unless getting it for free :) And we all know that will never happen.

What will happen with Welsh business websites?

If any of the new .WALES or .CYMRU will be approved, which is very likely, it will certainly affect the .Uk domain space. Many local businesses in Wales are surely going to register a new domain name under “the new TLD”, while many of the bigger companies doing business all over UK are going to keep their .UK domain.

I’d not be surprised if a large portion of people in Wales are going to abandon their .UK domain. Perhaps there are so man Welsh people and businesses abandoning their .UK domains that the total amount of registered .UK domains will go below 10 million again. What do you think?


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