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New Year Wishes

I’m looking forward to see what’s happening in the domain space 2013 with launch of new 100’s new gTLD. After a few years in UK, I’ve done quite a few investments in British domains. Luckily, Nominet have maintained the second largest ccTLD in a great manner and are now proposing some new and interesting security features for the years to come. Being Swedish or being homesick (?), I’m looking at the Scandinavian domain space and find that the little country excel in a few areas.. I therefore sent an email to Lesley Cowley (CEO of Nominet) and suggested my New Year wishes for 2013 in an email (see below):

Dear Lesley and Nominet,
It’s been a great year and I’m pleased about your increased focus on Internet security. You’re handling the British TLDs in an excellent manner and are able to facilitate a large domain space with many different stakeholders. However, everyone can improve and here is my wishlist for 2013:

1. More and better domain & internet statistics

Nominet are behind compared to several ccTLDs (example: .SE) when it comes to providing useful statistics and interesting news to domain owners, bloggers and the public in general.

.SE has for instance dedicated an entire site on a generic and highly suitable domain ( – which means ‘Internet statistics’) to provide suitable information to the public. They co-operate with leading local universities, institutes and media organisations to name a few. This successful project is therefore often quoted by newspapers, blogs, social media users and websites.

Why on earth don’t Nominet provide similar or even better statistics? You got the funds, have access to some of the leading universities and statistical institutes in the world and the public, newspapers and domain investors are just waiting…

I’ve been searching for statistics lately from Nominet and have repeatedly ended up on DEAD links (referrals from other sites, and the content have been removed or changed URL on Nominet). IMHO, such a highly trusted organisation with over 100 people should be able to redirect old content if you decide to change URL. What happened here?

The following pages (statistics & DB) have very limited and poor statistics. I’d expect Nominet to spend some money to provide excellent reports with in-depth statistics. In the end, this would probably benefit the organisation and improve the reputation among all stakeholders.

For reference, I suggest looking at the excellent statistics provided by
-Swedes and the Internet. How Swedes actually use the Internet! Love this..
-Usage of domains (in Swedish, use Google translate). This is important. I want to know how many domains are in use as websites, blogs, how many are redirected, how many are parked pages etc.

2. Frequent news from more Nominet board members

The other area I hope Nominet can improve the amount of news posts in the insight section. Today, a handful of management staff post articles here and it might sometimes been over 2 months since the post. Phil Kingsland seems to be the most active blogger so hats off to him. I’d encourage Nominet to allow more staff, not only board members, to write in Nominet insights. How about some legal views from Alex Blowers, comments about Nominet’s finance from Glenn Hayward, risk analysis from Piers White, registrar news posts from Thomas Vollrath and strategic and consultancy advise from Baroness Rennie Fritchie?

In contrast, the Swedish registry (.SE) require that a majority of the staff make blog posts once in a while (around once a month) which makes it fun and useful to read. They also cover a wider target group by discussing domains in the context of internet security, internet usage and much more.

Ps. It’s seriously annoying that Nominet’s presumably most used function by the public is hidden below the fold on most computers (eg. Whois search!!).

What are your thoughts of domain names this year? Do you have any domain New Year wishes or resolutions for 2013?


3 Responses

  1. Danny Aerts

    01/10/2013, 03:13 pm

    Thank you. Do you have any tips or requests for me as well?

    Original comment in Swedish: Tack! Har du några tips eller önskemål för mig också :)

  2. Markus Jalmerot

    08/30/2013, 11:33 am

    Danny: .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) is close to perfection from a user perspective to be honest :) You done a great job at IIS the last few years. I’ll email you IF having any suggestions.

    Gabriella: Glad you enjoy reading the comments. You should be proud ;) Thanks for the link to the English version. Hopefully somebody at Nominet will find it and get inspired. But with 5-6 letter extensions like you never get as positive statistics – so I guess they’d never show it all UNTIL a few years after launching the new .UK TLD.

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