Multi-year domain registrations now possible, Finally!

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10 year .UK domain registrations approved
I’m very glad that Nominet decided to allow multi-year domain registrations for .UK domains such as .CO.UK, .ORG.UK and .ME.UK. The new rules took place the 1st of May 2012 and can be found here.

What are the prices for multi-year .UK registrations

Registering a .UK domain for several years don’t give you any discount, as I’d hope :) Instead, you have to pay £3.50 for single years or £2.5/year when bought for over two years.

The maximum domain registration period is set to 10 years and will therefore cost £25. Not too much if you have a really valuable domain and want to make sure you don’t forget to renew it the coming decade.

Any other advantages with multi-year domain registrations?

Several years ago, Google was granted a patent including domain name registration periods. What they can do is to add a little extra trust to domain names that are registered for a longer time period, such as five or ten years. It’s probably an extremely small ranking factor and on its own it will not help you rank better in Google.

However, it can surely be wise to renew important domains for multiple years if you’re serious about them.


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