New Casinos Online goes live

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New Casinos Online
The latest site going live is, a site with focus on new casinos on the web. After being in the gaming industry for over 10 years, and with a partner that created the affiliate program for PokerStars, it should be an interesting venture going forward.

After all, we did this journey once and are just starting out again. This time, it will be more global than before. All new online casinos mentioned will be relevant for each jurisdiction, with particular focus on European brands and those featured in Canada. The American market is still just starting up with much left to wish for.

How is New Casinos Online different?

Some of main difference compared to other sites is that the founders have better contacts here, after long time in the business. We know most of the people active in the online sphere for new casino sites. Further, we are prepared to work until very late in order to get the latest reviews live. After a new site is launched, the goal for will be to have a review ready within 2 hours. But often, we are live instantly when a new brand is being released. For details about the review process used, go here. By GEO-targeting, most people will find relevant sites to enjoy. We’re trying to showcase websites with different themes, such as more table game oriented, more online slots focused etc. While every new site can be found based on game developers, it is also a way of exploring new games. Further, all sites will also be based upon payment methods, something where a lot of efforts been put. For more info, go to This post will be updated further later on today.New Casinos Online


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