Nominet now cancel domains with invalid addresses

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cancelled domains by Nominet

When first noticing the new adjustments from Nominet, I was surprised and kind of annoyed. If a few domains were kept with the same address, they would be deleted.

This is the information I received:
“A trial data update window is taking place from 15th May for one month. During this time you can update and correct invalid registrant names. View invalid registrant name and/or address data. View invalid registrants”.

One of the domains was ‘’, a domain which I sold last year. The new registrant wanted to change registrar, but made some kind of error or could not manage to transfer to Godaddy, and he was stuck with AFFILIATE.

It appears that he put his individual name in the field for ‘organisations’, which according to Nominet actually means ‘registrant’ and therefore should be correct. But the software Nominet appears to be using, Experian pro web, probably had a hard time to find out if the new owner were a valid organisation.

Either way, Nominet quickly helped me to solve the problems and I’m glad it’s sorted. Because if I didn’t, the .CO.UK domain would be suspended and then cancelled within 30 days! So make sure to check your address on various .UK domains, or you risk losing some of the domains.

After all, I find this to be a very good initiative by Nominet, protecting the consumers of invalid registrations.

Here is the message Affiliate Specialist received: “We were unable to validate the organisation name, you can update and correct this during the trial data update window. For further information about the data validation process please see our website.


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