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Mediocre property domains has been sold for mid 5 up to mid 6 digits amount for years in USA. In UK, the old-fashioned estate agents have not been used to create location specific domains for prime location properties YET. One example: Brooklyn property, where the estate agent probably make at least a few million extra per year thanks to that location specific property domain!). However, it’s going to change in UK. Brits are generally speaking slow to adopt new Internet habits and realise the potential, but when they finally get it – they going all in. Because with exact match property location domains you’re set to dominate in search engines (#1 rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo). One additional sold property will quickly result in break even for the domain investment (or better). Everything else will be pure profit. 1, 2, 3 or 5 million extra a year?

Make sure to GRAB a premium property domain before someone else does. Here are a few domain names for prime location in London.


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