Statistics, analysis and review of 1 character .UK domains

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1 character domains
It’s gone over 2 years since Nominet initiated the short .UK domain auctions. Affiliate Specialist decided to dig into what’s been done with some of the shortest domains in .UK, 1 character .CO.UK domains. There are 26 letter combinations in the English alphabet and here is a short analysis and review of what has been done with the names.

Redirects among 1 character .UK domains

301-redirects seems to be common, probably to make it quick and easy to enter the website. ‘Owning’ the actual letter can also be useful from a trademark and branding point of view. to to to to to to to

Stats: 7/26, or about 27 pct are redirected to another website.

Any proper sites developed?

Not many owners have done great websites on their 1 character domains, unfortunately. However, it might take a few years to get going with major projects. Here are what seem to be at least the first versions of 1 character .UK domains: – Best companies: The workplace engagement specialists. – Claims to be the smallest short .UK domain and apart from that, not very interesting site (yet).
Update*: – Virgin finally launched a beautiful website under a very memorable domain.
Stats: 3/26 is developed into websites, about 11.5 pct of all 1 letter domains.

1 letter .CO.UK domains for sale, parked or in development

Quite a few super short .UK domains might be up for sale or partnerships; about 10 of them.,,,,,,,, and
Stats: 10 out of 26 one character domains are either parked, for sale or currently in development (about 38.5 pct).

Inactive 1 character domains

Seven domains (27 %) of the 1 character domains are still not even active. When typing any of the following names into your browser, it doesn’t lead anywhere, totally dead. Sorry, but it’s a not using valuable domain names in a better manner.,,,,,
Stats: 6/26, or about 23 pct are redirected to another website.

Developed 1 letter .ME.UK domains (UPDATE)

Quite a few of the .ME.UK domains are developed, such as (Questions & Answers) and (X drive cars).

People don’t develop 1 character domains as quick or frequently as 2 characters it seems. I’m surprised that so many premium domains owners don’t even bother to do a redirect.


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