What Happened With the Planned Launch of .UK?

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6 months ago it was clear that Nominet are not going ahead with the initially proposed launch of .UK domains (2nd level). The British domain market are still waiting on the final outcome which possibly could result in a launch later this or next year. After all, over 52 % of respondents were positive while 40 % said no and the remaining didn’t have an opinion.

.UK – not an easy decision

Launching a 2nd level (.UK) is never a simple method when .CO.UK, .ORG.UK and .ME.UK still exist. Registrars, companies and individuals have therefore been given the opportunity to respond to the .UK proposal. Given the high degree of positive respondents already after the initial proposal it’s clear that it might happened in the near future. Nominet are not stupid; they can easily understand that there are huge demand and millions of hours to be earned from a shorter ccTLD. Nominet have to give the opportunity, sooner or later, to open up the 2nd level domain space. No other major countries use this old fashioned extension anymore and it’s ruining efficiency on the web. Further, it’s also confusing everyone not familiar with 3rd level domain extensions. But why is it taking so long to decide? I guess Nominet are trying to come up with a great alternative plan, allowing most of the registrars and stakeholders to be satisfied with the new .UK.

British domain owners don’t understand their own best

Unfortunately, decisions like this should perhaps not involve only British domain owners. They don’t understand their own best. What if we ask a couple of utilitarian philosophers instead? Current British .co.uk, .org.uk and .me.uk domain investors seems to be afraid of the possible costs involved with the launch of .UK. They don’t really see the benefits, even if people starting to turn away from British 3rd level domains at this stage. .COM is more attractive for many major brands and advertisers in UK, partly because United Kingdom use 3rd level domains which are hard to remember, takes long time to type and don’t look very good in print.

Following almost a year of indecision the value of .CO.UK domains have fallen sharply. .CO.UK and org.uk domain owners don’t renew their domains as they used to do. People don’t want to invest in a .CO.UK domain when there might be changes in the future. If I was about to launch a new website project at the moment it would easily be under .COM instead of .CO.UK. International domain investors turn away from .CO.UK and .ORG.UK domains with good reasons. Why on earth would you invest in a ccTLD with an uncertain future and diminishing value?

Affiliate Specialist hope that Nominet just make a decision within short and decide a date when .UK will be launched. That would finally be the end of a long wait and helping bringing British domain names up to international standard. 2 letters instead of 5 or 6 characters IS a BIG deal. Nominet, please allow .UK registrations before it’s too late.. I know it’s not an easy transformation but you’re doing a great job trying to find the fairest way to launch .UK.


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